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HotButton Friendly Faces

Friendly Faces

We serve as a personal medical home for each patient, ensuring access to comprehensive, integrated care through an ongoing relationship. Our commitment is to delivering and continually improving care for the whole person as an individual and as a member of his or her family.
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HotButton Always Available

Always Available

It’s always a pleasure to see our patients face to face. If you find yourself needing to request a prescription refill, wanting to make an appointment, review your lab work, etc. you can visit the patient portal and securely sign in to your chart to do it all at your convenience.
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HotButton Never Too Early

Never Too Early

From our smallest patients to our older patients, we realize life is continually changing. Our goal is to keep current with today’s changing world of medicine from insurances, in-office procedures, and evidenced-based medicine.
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HotButton Care With a Smile

Care with a Smile

You are the most important member of your healthcare team. With regular physicals and check ups, we are a team that keeps you on the path to wellness!
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Patient Centered Medical Home

We are your “patient centered medical home” where your care is headed up by you, your PCP and all your health care providers.



I recommend the vaccines for all eligible patients.  The vaccine is proven safe and very effective.  Over 350 million doses have been given without significant side effects.  Vaccines are easily available at any pharmacy at any time without an appointment.  All three vaccines are effective.  Women between the ages of 20-40 should avoid Johnson and Johnson if possible.

Boosters have not yet been recommended for the general population by the FDA.  I expect approval by the end of September.  Additionally, pediatric doses for children under the age of 12 will likely by approved by the end of the year.  

It is also flu season.  It is important to get that vaccine as well.  We have it available----COME AND GET YOURS!!