The healow™ app


Once you are web enabled, you can securely access your Patient Portal account and manage your and your family's healthcare with the healow™ app on your Android® smartphone or iPhone® at any time, anywhere!  In addition to doing all of the other things available on the portal, healow has a unique feature called “Health Tracker” and is great for tracking blood pressure readings, blood sugars, BMI and daily exercise.

You can even set a timer to remind you to take medications.  Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the free app for your iPhone or Android smartphone today.

Patient Portal

PatientPortalSSYour medical records are completely electronic at Sandwich Medical Clinic. This is very helpful in allowing us to help you maintain your health. Your records are safely encrypted and electronically backed up daily, both on-site and off-site. Sandwich Medical Clinic strives to maintain the strictest privacy of our patients' health care information. To view our privacy policy, click here

You may access your electronic records via the Patient Portal. You may get copies of your medical history, medications, lab results and imaging reports. You may request appointments, lab work, prescription refills or imaging through the portal.

You must be ‘enabled’ by our staff at the office. Due to security protocols, we cannot enable you over the phone. Just stop by or check in at your next appointment, provide us with your email address and we can get you started.

Lab Tests

For further information on your lab values click here.